Day 36 – True Love

There is a golf course down the road from my house.  There have been several cold, rainy days in the fall where I have seen a few golfers out for a round.  I’ve thought to myself that these were examples of individuals who were dedicated to their pastime.  Either that or not quite right in the head.

The reason I’m telling this story is that it is incredibly cold here right now.  It was -24 Celsius when I left the house this morning.  There were a few scenes on my drive in that I thought would be wonderful pictures including one where the bright light of Venus was hanging over the steeple of a church (would have been an awesome Christmas picture).  Unfortunately, I am apparently not as dedicated to my pastime as those golfers.  While I thought the scene would have made a beautiful picture, I was too comfortable in my (finally) warm car.  The thought of parking, getting out, and walking back to set up the shot was not something that stuck in my head for more than half a second.

Instead, you get this shot.  Taken from the inside of my car on the drive home.

True Love

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1 Response to Day 36 – True Love

  1. TimidX. says:

    More like Stalker Love! 0.0

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